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1 - Select Images
You simply select the images you would like to have linked to your map. The selection can be completed by using a map to locate the photos in a specific area, or you may select the images from your existing image library content.
2 - Store Images
Choose the image storage location that suites you. Images may be stored on Flickr. The Link to these images are recorded and imbedded into the shape file. Choose an alternate option and include the images in your email.
3 - Create a KML or Shapefile
You have the option to create a KML file for use in Google Earth, or to create a Shapefile for use in a GIS mapping program. You also have the option of creating a shapefile and including the images in the zip file which can be emailed.

What can Sun Star GIS do ?

Sun Star GIS will create shape files and kml files and display the location, direction and angle of view for photos taken on your iPhone or GPS enabled iPad.
Sun Star GIS generates a polygon and point location from the information provided by the iPhone/iPad GPS, at the time an image is created. This information is converted into a shape file,or a KML file which indicates the direction the camera was facing, as well as the angle of view. This can be used in many GIS mapping programs or using the KML file for display in Google Earth.  When you zoom in, the angle of view decreases so the polygon becomes narrow.

Some users produce many images each day in the course of their work and are required to manage the distribution of the images as well as the archiving of the recorded field data. Sun Star GIS allows users to store images in the cloud, have the file path embedded into a shapefile and save loads of time compressing and sending images along with the field data.  


Mapping your imagery

Sun Star GIS allows the management of imagery to be as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Selecting specific images can be completed by scrolling through you photos displayed in the Select Photos screen of the app…more

If you need to select images by location, proceed to the select photos by location page, where an icon representing each image location will be displayed on a …more.

Storing your images in the cloud or emailing with the data saves time…more

For more info, you can contact us at info@yellowdot.com.au